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Wenona School, North Sydney, NSW

Wenona, an independent school for girls on Miller Street in North Sydney’s CBD, caters for approximately 1,100 students from kindergarten to year 12. In 2013, a master plan for the staged development of the campus was finalised and Project Archimedes was launched, comprising a six level building with four levels to be built below ground.

Project Design Brief

The project team needed to establish an electrical sub-station on the Miller Street frontage where regular access to the transformer would be necessary for maintenance. Engineers required an engineered load rated access cover system to give easy access to the enclosure without being visibly unobtrusive.

ACO's Solution

  • Rhinocast® 20-part access cover with 12mm brass decorative edge
  • ACO’s Technical Service team provided the structural designer with a detailed rebate and beam drawing of the multi-part system to be incorporated into the concrete slab


  • The covers and beams can be removed to provide easy access
  • 12mm high decorative edge allows for tiles to be inserted into the cover and frame, retaining the continuity of the floor finish
  • Class B covers are suitable for internal applications such as trollies
Werona School
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