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Roma Street Coach Terminal, Brisbane, Qld

As part of the new Cross River Rail underground project, the existing Brisbane Coach Terminal was demolished and temporarily relocated to the existing Roma Street Train Station in Brisbane’s CBD. The temporary facility will service regular timetabled coach services as well as tourism operators.

Project Design Brief

Designers needed to include a number of bus bays into the small, existing area. With additional electrical services such as lighting, communications, power, CCTV and ticketing required, designers needed to also allow for cables to be accommodated within service enclosures. Located close to the roadway, designers wanted covers to be suitable for heavy vehicle traffic.

ACO's Solution

  • Rhinocast® single part access cover


  • The variety of standard size covers catered for several different enclosure sizes required across the project
  • All covers load rated to Class D (AS 3996)
  • The lockable Rhinocast® covers prevent unauthorised access in the public space
Roma Street Coach Terminal, Brisbane, Qld

Other ACO products used:

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