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Rockhampton Courthouse Complex, Rockhampton Qld

The Rockhampton Courthouse Complex is a heritage listed courthouse in East Street, Rockhampton. The original buildings were built in 1887 and are protected by the Queensland Heritage Register. To improve the services, the facility was recently given a $12M upgrade.

Project Design Brief

With several heritage restraints, designers were faced with complex issues to resolve, one being the need for continual use of existing service trenches. Designers opted to maintain the existing brick trenches, but create uninterrupted access through a trench run access cover system. Covers needed to withstand the wheel loads of heavy service vehicles that access the car park areas.

ACO's Solution

  • Rhinocast® ductile iron 92-part trench run
  • ACO Technical Services Department was able to provide complete installation details to designers and installers, for the trench run configuration


  • Rhinocast® access covers are certified to Load Class D (AS 3996)
  • An individual cover can be removed to access localised services, or all covers can be removed to ensure complete access to the trench
Rockhampton Courthouse Complex, Rockhampton Qld

Other ACO products used:

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