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Dandenong Municipal Council Building, VIC

The City of Greater Dandenong, recently obtained a new five storey council building. The building accommodates the Council Chambers, the council administration offices, a new public library, community meeting rooms and retail shops.

Project Design Brief

The council building has a number of outdoor civic spaces incorporating a variety of pavement finishes including pavers, tiles, coloured concrete and honed concrete. The designers wanted to ensure that the underground service enclosures would be secure and visually discreet with access covers that could accommodate a wide selection of materials.

ACO's Solution


  • A visually discreet cover and frame system with a 2mm galvanised steel edge
  • Standard depth Urbanfil® covers accommodate tiles and various concrete finishes
  • Pavermate® covers accommodate pavers
  • Four high tensile steel locking bolts per cover, to ensure utility services are secure
Dandenong Council

Other ACO products used:

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