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Carrum Level Crossing Removal, Melbourne, Victoria

As part of the Melbourne Metro level crossing removal, Carrum a suburb in south-east Melbourne, has had three existing level crossings removed and replaced by a new terminal at Station Street.

Project Design Brief

The pavement design for the station platforms needed to comprise a variety of floor finishes, including tiles, concrete and asphalt. New lighting, communications, power and security coverage were required to be installed as underground services below accessible covers for easy maintenance. Security of all cabling infrastructure was a requirement for the asset owners, as was the discreet integration of service pits along the pavement.

ACO's Solution


  • The 2mm thick frame is visually discreet within the pavement
  • Each cover is secured to the frame with four M16 locking bolts
  • The recessed covers can accommodate pavement materials including a variety of concrete finishes and pavers up to 25mm deep
Carrum Level Crossing Removal

Other ACO products used:

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