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The Inlet at Elizabeth Quay, Perth, WA

Elizabeth Quay named after Elizabeth II is a multi-use development located on the north shore of the Swan River and connects the Perth CBD with the river. The project costing $440 million includes office and retail space, residential apartments, parklands and an artificial inlet.

Features include BHP Billiton Water Park, a 110-metre bridge to the island, the Fringe World fairground and a laser and light show at night. The inlet is the focal point for Elizabeth Quay and includes Spanda, a 29 metre tall abstract sculpture and the indigenous public art “First Contact”, a five metre tall bird in a boat (pictured).

Project Design Brief

Designers required a large number of service enclosures at various locations around the inlet to cater for the extensive cables used for power, lighting, communications and CCTV security cameras. Designers also wanted to ensure that all the enclosures were secure and aesthetically unobtrusive within the various pavement materials.

ACO's Solution

  • Rhinocast single-part Access Cover with 60mm stainless steel decorative edge


  • 60mm high stainless steel decorative edge cover and frame allows for brick paving
  • A wide variety of standard size covers are available to suit various pit sizes
  • All covers can be securely locked preventing unauthorised access
The Inlet At Elizabeth Quay, Perth, WA

Other ACO products used:

  • Cable enclosures, access covers and drain systems (ACO Drain)
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