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Malop Street Green Spine, Geelong, VIC

Connecting Johnstone Park to Eastern Park, the Green Spine project has transformed Malop Street into a vibrant and green public space. Lined by a continuous canopy of trees and a series of different alfresco, seating and gathering spaces, the design is based on the use of ‘biophilic’ design principles, which seek to connect buildings and people more closely with nature.

Project Design Brief

The project’s designers needed to integrate a number of underground services beneath the pavement namely lighting, communications, power and CCTV. This had to be done without interruption to the pavement’s visual continuity. Therefore, all covers would have to be able to accommodate various paver finishes as well as be secured from unauthorised access.

ACO's Solution


  • The 2mm frame edge is visually discreet within the pavement surface
  • The cover’s recessed deep pan can easily accommodate various pavers
  • The cover is secured with four M16 locking bolts
Malop Street Geelong

Other ACO products used:

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