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Discreet Access Covers

ACO offers a range of discreet access covers for floors and pavements, which not only provide access to underground services but also are purpose designed to preserve the visual continuity of tiles and pavers. ACO’s access covers are designed to easily accommodate pavement materials.

Decide whether you want an iron or steel access cover

Discreet Covers For Airports

ACO’s iron covers – benefits

tick Iron is the the most robust material
tick Variety of edging heights to accommodate different finishing materials
tick Covers do not depend on infill materials for strength
tick Load rated (with edging) to Class B, C & D – AS 3996
tick 3rd party accredited

Discreet Covers For Walkways

ACO’s steel covers – benefits

tick Sizes can be customised
tick Edging is not mandatory for tiles, pavers etc…
tick Decorative brass edging available for tile or terrazzo applications
tick No sealing grease is required keeping hardstand surfaces oil free
tick Australian made
tick Covers can be opened in any direction

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