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ANZAC Memorial Hyde Park, Sydney, NSW

The ANZAC Memorial in Hyde Park was originally constructed in the 1930’s to commemorate the anniversary of the Australian and New Zealand Army landing at ANZAC Cove for the battle of Gallipoli. The building is in the Art Deco style, constructed of concrete with pink granite exterior cladding and pink granite paving surrounding the building. Due to the financial constraints of the Great Depression, the original architects plans were not fully realised.

The City of Sydney, NSW Government and Australian Federal Government jointly contributed $40 million to renovate the memorial to the original vision. The project includes an additional water feature and a new education, research and exhibition area beneath the memorial.

Project Design Brief

The renovation of the memorial required additional electrical services for lighting and CCTV cameras. The designers wanted load rated cable enclosures with access covers in a number of sizes to harmonise with the existing historic building materials.

ACO's Solution

Rhinocast® single-part decorative edge recessed cover and frame system


  • 40mm high stainless steel decorative edge allows for pink granite paving enabling an aesthetic and uniform pavement finish
  • All covers are designed to meet AS 3996
  • A wide variety of standard size covers are available to suit various pit sizes
ANZAC Memorial Hyde Park, Sydney

Other ACO products used:

  • Servokat assisted lift access covers
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