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Redcliffe Seaside Upgrade

Redcliffe, Brisbane is the northern gateway of Moreton Bay, a very popular recreational area for locals and tourists.

The Moreton Bay Regional Council allocated $20m for stage 1 to rejuvenate the seaside promenade of Redcliffe Parade.

Project Design Brief

Improvements were designed to accentuate the promenade’s key areas by improving public access and enhancing ocean views. Widened thoroughfares and improved lighting and communications services were also part of the upgrade.

ACO's Solution

Designers selected ACO’s Urbanfil® access covers to preserve the visual continuity of the new decorative pavements overlying the service enclosures.

Redcliffe Seaside Upgrade

Other ACO products used:

  • ACO Drain® trench drain system
  • ACO Cablemate® trafficable enclosures
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