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Metropolitan Melbourne Apartments, Melbourne, Vic

Metropolitan Melbourne Apartments is a medium rise building in Melbourne’s iconic Bourke Street. The $40 million project saw the original building demolished to make way for the residential apartment complex.

Project Design Brief

Designers needed to incorporate an electrical sub-station into the basement to provide sufficient power to the building. To enable continual access to the sub-station for maintenance and repair works, an access cover system was required.

ACO's Solution

  • Rhinocast Class C 12-part infill reduced rib access cover
  • ACO Technical Services provided the structural engineer with a detailed rebate and beam drawing so that the multipart system could be incorporated into the design of the concrete slab


  • Reduced rib access covers allow for tiles or pavers to be used up to 40mm thick, without the need for decorative edging
  • The multipart system is comprised of individual removable covers and beams to facilitate the installation and maintenance of the substation
Metropolitan Melbourne Apartments, Melbourne, Vic
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