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City of Playford, Adelaide, SA

The City of Playford is located 30km north of Adelaide and is one of the fastest growing outer metropolitan areas in Australia. With the closure of the General Motors Holden manufacturing facility in 2017, the region is facing challenges as it traditionally relied on manufacturing for its economic stability. The local government has a Strategic Plan to transform the city into a leading Smart City.

The aim is to attract a diverse range of technology-focused businesses and provide enhanced digital technology and smart infrastructure into the redeveloped city, including the public spaces.

Project Design Brief

Much of the population is concentrated around the suburban suburb of Elizabeth and the council’s plan is to enhance the area to promote community pride by creating a village atmosphere with a network of open spaces. The increased technological infrastructure requires secure cable enclosures with access covers that are visually discreet within the various pavement materials.

ACO's Solution

  • Pavermate steel recessed access covers


  • The 2mm frame is visually discreet in the various concrete pavement finishes
  • The cover can be filled with the surrounding pavement material
  • Each cover is secured with four M16 locking bolts
  • All covers have a polyethylene gas and water seal
City Of Playford, Adelaide, SA

Other ACO products used:

  • Trench drain systems
  • Cable enclosures
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