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Walker Street, North Sydney, NSW

As part of the ongoing North Sydney public domain upgrade, new high-quality granite paving, granite kerb and gutters, utility enclosures, drainage, bins and street furniture have been installed in Walker Street.

Project Design Brief

New granite pavers to match the granite kerbs were required for the footpaths. A large number of services including telecommunications, electrical, Sydney Water, RMS and gas were required to be housed in the enclosures. The enclosure covers were filled with granite for a uniform and discreet pavement finish

ACO's Solution


  • Pavermate access covers are visually unobtrusive
  • Covers have an overall depth of 135mm allowing for 40mm deep granite pavers and a concrete bedding, which provides additional strength to the cover
  • The discreet 2mm edge of the cover and frame ensures minimal visual impact on the pavement
  • Four high tensile M16 locking bolts per cover ensure the security of the cable enclosure
Walker Street, North Sydney

Other ACO products used:

  • Floor drains and stainless steel channels
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