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Royal Children's Busway Station

The Inner Northern City Busway links Queen Street Station to Royal Brisbane Hospital. A 4.7km dedicated roadway corridor for buses. The busway contains a number of stations at key locations along its route.

Project Design Brief

Designers selected ACO’s Urbanfil stainless access covers for the Royal Children’s Busway station to protect the station’s electrical communications and CCTV cables.

ACO's Solution

At the bus stop, specialty multipart cover systems with portholes were installed allowing commuters to view a touch activated map, illuminated to display information on the busway route.


The covers are recessed to accommodate the footpath’s polished concrete topping allowing them to visually blend into the pavement.

Royal Childrens Hospital

Other ACO products used:

  • ACO Drain KlassikDrain grated trench drain
  • ACO Cablemate Plastic Pits
  • Rhinocast Access Covers with Decorative Edging
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