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Rockingham Foreshore Redevelopment, Perth, WA

The Rockingham Foreshore Redevelopment is a $15M project by the Australian Federal Government and the City of Rockingham. It is anticipated the project will become the heart of Rockingham city, with a range of recreational, cultural and heritage attractions. A number of different zones were developed as part of the project including Railway Terrace, Boardwalk, Beach Bowl, Park Plaza and Beach Plaza.

Project Design Brief

With a variety of pavement finishes throughout the site, designers did not want service pits to be an eyesore. Additionally new infrastructure would be required for lighting, communications and CCTV coverage. Several new cable pits were therefore required, which would blend in with the surrounding pavement.

ACO's Solution

  • Rhinocast® infill decorative edge single part covers


  • Covers are recessed to allow the same pavement material to be infilled for a seamless finish
  • The stainless steel decorative edges provide a high level of corrosion resistance for the oceanfront application
  • All covers are designed to meet AS 3996, load class B
Rockingham Foreshore Redevelopment, Perth, WA
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