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Leppington Train Station, NSW

The South West Rail Link Project was opened in February 2015 at a cost of $1.8 billion. The aim of the project was to improve rail access for a growing population in the region. The project consisted of an extended rail line between Leppington and Glenfield, a stabling facility for 20 trains, a major upgrade at Glenfield Station and two new stations at Edmondson Park and Leppington. The new Leppington station features lifts, a street level concourse and spaces for 850 cars.

Project Design Brief

The project designers wanted to ensure that the numerous and different sized enclosures required to accommodate the extensive electrical infrastructure would visually harmonise with the various pavement materials used. Additionally the enclosures needed to be easily accessable and load class rated for maintenance and commercial vehicles.

ACO's Solution

  • Rhinocast® 12-part multi-part iron cover and frame system with 40mm stainless steel decorative edge
  • ACO’s Technical Services Department provided the structural engineer with multi-part scheduling and rebate drawings to integrate the cover system into the pavement


  • 40mm high stainless steel decorative edge allows for brick paving to be installed into the multi-part components ensuring pavement aesthetics are maintained
  • Covers can be removed individually allowing for easy access for maintenance
  • Class D rated covers are suitable for wheel loads from buses and service vehicles accessing the site
Leppington Train Station

Other ACO products used:

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