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Curtin University, Main Street, Bentley, WA

Curtin University is the largest university in Western Australia and has campuses in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

Curtin University is a member of the Australian Technology Network and is active in research in a range of academic and practical fields. The university’s vision of ‘greater connections and incidental learning’ inspired the creation of a shared public space. The landscaped area prioritises pedestrians and bicycles for the university and the wider community to enjoy.

Project Design Brief

The new development encourages walking and cycling and required the construction of three roads through the northern portion of the university. To cater for a variety of electrical services such as lighting, communications, power and CCTV, designers required a number of cable enclosures at various locations around Main Street. Designers wanted to ensure that all service enclosures blended in with the various pavements and were aesthetically unobtrusive.

ACO's Solution

  • Rhinocast® single-part access cover with 40mm stainless steel decorative edge


  • A wide variety of standard size covers is available
  • 40mm high stainless steel decorative edge allows for paving to be installed into the various size covers
Curtin University, Main Street, Bentley

Other ACO products used:

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