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Water & cable management: From your building line to our borders

Discreet Access Covers For All Applications

ACO offers the widest range of trench drains and access covers in the industry. We have purpose built products to suit all applications from external buildings areas to urban public domains through to civil transportation infrastructure corridors.

Designers need to consider various factors when integrating drainage elements and service enclosures into these projects. The importance of these factors varies according to each unique application:

  • Visual appeal: Are they to blend into, or be a feature of the pavement?
  • Installation: How are they tied into a slab?
  • User safety: For example, slip resistance and stability under wheel traffic.
  • Performance: For example, hydraulics, durability and load class.
Water And Cable Management

Buildings and surrounding areas

ACO offers a range of drainage products, cable pits and access covers for building thresholds, balconies, pools, green roofs and building façades. In addition to their essential function, the visual integration of such products into a building’s architecture is extremely important. For more information, click here.

Urban Infrastructure

Urban infrastructure

The design of public spaces need to satisfy multiple stakeholders but none more important than everyday pedestrians. ACO’s urban infrastructure products are designed to meet the needs of high-trafficked areas and are purpose designed to harmonise with a community’s visual requirements. For more information, click here.

Transportation Civil Infrastructure

Transportation civil infrastructure

Roads, seaports, airports and rail provide the most punishing environment for drainage systems, cable enclosures and access covers. ACO’s products are designed and manufactured to meet the stringent performance, safety and durability criteria of these applications. For more information, click here.

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