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Guidelines for Installing Multipart Systems

At ACO, we assemble Rhinocast®, Urbanfil® and Pavermate® multipart access cover systems that combine standard size covers in multiple rows and lengths to adapt to  many applications. In these systems, provided each row in the system has covers of the same length and load class, the width of the individual covers can vary, allowing for a large number of sized openings. The benefit of multipart systems is that smaller individual covers can be easily lifted to provide access to larger openings. Some common applications include container ports, airport pavements, lift motor room floors, and where access to large industrial equipment, large electrical pits, pump wells, and transformers is required. However, despite their easy-lifting design, multipart covers can be tricky to install. This is largely due to the multiple parts which need to be correctly identified, prepared and aligned. If you wish to install a multipart access cover system, the simplest way of going about it is to follow our short tutorial.

installing multipart systems

Some key points to remember:

  • Load Class – select correct cover and rebate to suit load class. The frame is designed to be fully supported by a bed of concrete
  • Install with cover positioned in the frame
  • Decorative edging may require a deeper rebate than specified, depending on finish level
  • Tiles or pavers should be fully restrained and bonded to the concrete bed. An epoxy mortar is recommended
  • Cover and frame are a matching pair and should not be switched as fit and seal may be compromised
  • Ensure that there is no rock between cover and frame otherwise seal will be compromised and service life will be reduced
  • Concrete of a minimum strength of 32MPa and minimum aggregate of 12mm is recommended
  • Position so that removal of cover is not obstructed by a wall, kerb etc.
  • Applications where back pressure is expected may require additional reinforcing to hold the frame and cover in position.
  • Urbanfil / Pavermate covers are to be filled to a minimum concrete depth of 45mm, with minimum strength 32MPa and minimum cement content of 400 kg/m3. Concrete is integral to the strength of the cover.

if you require further assistance planning your system, don’t hesitate to contact the team at ACO.

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