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Trafficable cable enclosures

ACO’s access covers can be used on cable pits and ducting systems.

ACO cable pits are positioned on cable routes to provide branching or bending points and/or to allow access for jointing and maintenance. Common cables routed through ACO cable pits include data/communication fibre-optic cables and low voltage electrical wiring.

Surface cable ducting systems become the cable route and allow low voltage cables and other utilities to be laid directly along a trafficable pavement. They can be continually accessed through removable lids or covers. The enclosure is typically continuous.

Polycrete® Pits

polycrete pitsExcellent insulation properties, high mechanical strengths, chemical resistance and zero water absorption, makes them ideal as electrical and communications enclosures.

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Polyethylene Pits

polyethylene pitsPolyethylene moulded pits are lightweight, easy to cut and feature a ribbed construction for strength and durability. Recommended for light duty applications, they are robust, cost-effective and versatile.

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SCEC approved pits

SCEC approved pitsThe ACO PITLOK® and ACO COVERCOM® range are SCEC approved to SL1 And SL2 respectively.

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EzyBrixx® twin wall pits

EzyBrixx twin wall pitsEzyBrixx® is a range of modular rigid plastic cable pits. The twin wall design features a unique interlocking wedge system which ensures component interlock and wall rigidity. In most applications concrete backfill is not required.

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Surface ducting channels

surface ducting channelsPolycrete® Ducting are light and heavy duty surface ducting systems. Both are available in 100mm, 200mm and 300mm nominal widths and consist of one metre length modular channels that are assembled to produce continuous runs.

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SIT pits

SIT pitsThe Series Isolation Transformer (SIT) pit used for airfield runway lighting comprises a polymer concrete pit and collar with a galvanised lid. A polymer concrete stand is also available to support the series isolation transformer above the base of the pit.

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