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Saku® - Solid top thermoplastic access covers

ACO’s Saku® cover and frame system is designed to comply with Australian urban industry requirements.

The product consists of a lightweight thermoplastic cover and ductile iron frame with an EPDM rubber seal. Optional HDPE riser (make-up) rings may be used to raise the access cover to finished surface levels. The Saku® cover and frame system has been appraised by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA). The cover lifting weight is less than 9kg, minimising lifting injuries.

The system meets stringent testing for impact and sustained loads for Class B (AS 3996). Manufactured from durable polypropylene, the cover is ideal for corrosive sewer environments, seaside applications and is gas and watertight to AS 3996.

Water Services Association Of Australia
SAKU Solid Top Thermoplastic Access Covers

Features & benefits

1Secure locking bolt with dust cap
- Locked down to frame with 2 x M12 stainless hex-bolt assemblies
- High security bolts are also available from ACO on request
- Holes for bolts are counterbored in cover and tapped in frame. No wearing or loose componentry
- Manufactured from polypropylene reinforced with glass fibres
- Resistant to corrosive environments such as sewer and seaside applications
3Work, Health & Safety
- Lightweight 8.3 kg cover
- One third the weight of traditional iron covers
- Minimises lifting injuries
4Strong reinforced ribs
- Meets AS 3996 Class B and prEN 124-6 Class B125
- Elevated temperature tested
- Sustained load tested
- Impact tested
5Lifting provision
- Lifting hole with dust cap compliant to AS 3996
6EPDM rubber seal
- Ensures gas and watertightness compliant to AS 3996 without the need for grease
7Ductile iron frame
- 600 mm diameter nominal clear opening
- Manufactured from ductile iron to AS 1831, grade 500 /7
- Watertight and gas-tight with rubber seal to AS 3996
- 8 bolt points for anchorage
- Weighs 16kg
Optional riser (make-up) rings
- Lightweight riser (make-up) rings (less than 5 kg each, for worker safety)
- Various depths and sloping variants available, to raise the cover for resurfacing
- Manufactured from HDPE defined in ASTM Specification D-4976

Parts list

Saku® Product table
Part No. Description O/A
142026 Saku® Cover and Frame 1 8102 44 2 8.3 24.5
142037 Riser (make-up) ring3 – 32 mm flat (24R125) 852 32 - 1.9
142031 Riser (make-up) ring3 – 38 mm flat (24R150) 852 38 - 2.1
142029 Riser (make-up) ring 3 – 51 mm flat (24R200) 852 51 - 2.5
142030 Riser (make-up) ring3 – 102 mm flat (24R400) 852 102 - 4.8
142038 Riser (make-up) ring3– 38 mm sloped (24S150) 852 38 - 1.8
84306 Universal Lifting Key - - - 0.6

O/A = Overall
1. 604mm clear opening
2. Dimensions of the frame (overall cover depth is 103mm)
3. Other depths are available by ordering different combinations of the 32 mm, 38 mm, 51mm and 102 mm deep riser (make-up) rings

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