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ACO’s Award Winning SAKU Manhole Cover

Winner of the highly acclaimed German Design Award in 2015 for its excellence in sophisticated design and quality, ACO’s SAKU cover is a type of lightweight manhole cover primarily used in footpaths, storm water drains, sewers and residential yards.

Recently appraised by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA), this cover is designed to comply with Australian urban industry requirements. It is lightweight, with a lifting weight of less than 9kg; minimising the potential for injuries while lifting.

The lightweight SAKU cover can be installed in:

  • Coastal areas (near beaches and waterways)
  • Footpaths
  • Residential areas
  • Sewer & Storm water drains
  • Fuel and trade waste
  • WHS Injuries and Implications

According to WHS legislation, tasks involving manual handling – including those involving regular lifting, installation and maintenance – must be assessed for hazards first.

The risk factors requiring assessment include:

  • The force required (weight of the object being lifted)
  • Workplace layout
  • Recommended postures; and,
  • The duration and frequency of tasks

The following causes of injury, while preventable, are quite common with lifting and maintenance tasks:

  • Lifting or pulling repetitively above shoulder height
  • Awkward lifting of an object using incorrect methods
  • Carrying objects upstairs
  • Bending and twisting in a sideways motion

The SAKU cover and frame system consists of an iron frame, a lightweight thermoplastic cover and an EPDM rubber seal. Its lifting weight is one third the weight of traditional iron covers. Now, let’s take a look at some other salient features of the ACO SAKU access cover:


The SAKU cover is especially suitable to corrosive sewer environments and seaside areas, since it is manufactured from a durable material called ‘polypropylene’. This incredibly versatile material can be found almost anywhere; from your average household, to a variety of commercial and industrial areas.

The main benefit of using polypropylene is that it has a high melting point compared to the majority of other plastics. Due to this, it can be utilised in climates with harsh temperatures.

Strength & durability

  • Elevated temperature tested
  • Impact tested
  • Sustained load tested

Pedestrian safe

Slip rated to AS 4586Secure Locking Bolt

  • No wearing or loose components
  • High security bolts are available upon request
  • Locked down to frame

Optional Riser Rings

  • HDPE Riser rings are lightweight
  • Combination of sloping variants and depths available

Ductile Iron Frame

  • 16kg weight
  • 8 bolt points
  • Water and gas tight assembly

The SAKU frame and cover system has been assessed by the Water Services Association of Australia and complies with Australian urban engineering requirements.

If you would like to find out further information about ACO’s SAKU access cover, you can contact us directly on 1300 765 226, or alternatively via email.

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